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Lyndsey Locke

My aim is to guide individuals to reach the best version of themselves, get incredible results and have a positive impact physically and mentally.

Teaching my clients along the way to reach insane, maintanable results. Transforming your body isn’t just about what’s on the outside, it’s about how you feel about yourself and what positive adjustments you can make daily.

About Lyndsey


Lyndsey has helped me over the last few years. As a personal trainer she has the patience of a saint. My physical goals are very important to her. She encourages and motivates, whilst at the same time making sure you do push the limits. On top of this she is a lovely person with a heart of gold. Her instructions are clear and concise but your safety and correct form are paramount in all of her excercises. She also mixes excercises up so that it never becomes boring. I would find it very difficult to work with anyone else.

Steve Hudspith

Lyndsey is an excellent personal trainer, every sessions is hard work but fun at the same time.

I’m loving seeing the results from out training sessions.

Janna Jenkins

I started training with Lyndsey after sustaining a back injury over 18 months ago. I can definitely say that not only has she resolved my back problems but she has also helped motivate me to dramatically improve my overall fitness and resistance to injury.

She has a very personalised approach to training, taking into consideration my own individual requirements and fitness goals. I highly recommend Lyndsey both as a personal trainer and as a motivational coach.

Mark Fisher (Aged 57)

After I smashed up my knee and got a diagnosis of osteoporosis in my late 50’s, I was recommended by my physio to start some rehab training with Lyndsey.

During our first meeting she was kind, professional and listened carefully to my concerns. I have now been working with her regularly for over two years and this is the strongest and most confident I have felt in ages.

I won’t be stopping training with Lyndsey anytime soon!